Our Story

Keep it handsome by "PHEEN BARBER SHOP". The Gentlemen's Modern Classic Hairstyle. We are a barber shop with traditional style.

It started from a fond childhood memory of a young boy whose father was a barber. Having spent so much time with his dad when as he was growing up, elements from the barber shop and memories of his dad's meticulous work took hold of a special place in the little boy's heart. 50 years later, the young boy would grow up to be one of Thailand's best interior designer. With his resources and talents, all the precious memories would once again materialize into a new barbershop with all the souls of yesteryears. He would continue his father's legacy under the new name of "Pheen Barber Shop". The shop would be a perfect blend between modern and classic styles with emphasis on impeccable and memorable services. Even the products on sale at the barbershop has been selected with utmost care and in some cases imported by hand.
The continual of a legacy is what gives life to the new barber shop. Although the boy's father is no longer here to see the shop with his own eyes. He would most definitely be proud of "Pheen Barber Shop" which has kept all the atmosphere, services, essence, and history of a barbershop from days past alive and well.

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